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Last week, Fortune Magazine reported that those with excellent credit scores prefer Taylor Swift to Kanye West. With some hesitation, I am comfortable publishing the fact that I belong to team Swift. I may be subject to ridicule but plan to just shake it off, shake it off.

In its simplest form, a credit score allows a Lender to predict a borrower’s likelihood of repayment. A score represents a moment in time and can change based on your behaviour. Scores range from 300 to 900, and good scores are typically 600 and higher; anything over 750 is considered excellent.

A few months back, I gave consent to two mortgage brokers to access my credit file. I am always somewhat reluctant to sign on the line that gives the required permission.

As it turns

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MLS#: C4021040
Before we get right into it, what is a condo? The word ‘condominium’ originated from Latin words ‘com’ meaning together and ‘dominium’ meaning ownership. The Real Estate Council of Alberta defines a condo as a form of property ownership that includes both the individual ownership of a unit and the shared ownership of common property with other unit owners. Owning a condo does not refer to the type of physical structure but is concerned with the type of ownership with specific rights and responsibilities.
Types of residential condominiums are detached, semi-attached, apartment style, and town house style. Aside from condo styles, there are three types of Condominium Plans. This is crucial information to know before purchasing a condo…
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During a recent presentation ATB economist Todd Hirsch said that the secret to being an effective economic forecaster is to ‘revise often’.

A wise statement.

It can be intimidating to go on the record with a forecast. It is safer to regurgitate past stats and the cliche that no one has a crystal ball. You will never be wrong!

But this approach is not helpful.

We are advisors to our clients and so we felt it may be a good time to put into writing what we have been sharing with them over the past few weeks.

The price of oil is up 35% since lows in January. We are starting to see a lot of headlines stating that the “worst is over”. While I intrinsically love to view the glass as ‘half-full’, I don’t believe we are out of the woods just yet.

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While showing a beautiful character home in Sunnyside, my client showed a keen interest in the possibility of living next to the Memorial Drive stairs. It dawned on me that these stairs are an asset to the neighbourhood that offer a vitality and vibrancy to the community that I hadn’t considered would be so important in making a buying decision. After giving it more thought, it made total sense to me that access to something like the stairs would add the final and perfect touch to someone's dream home - much like the proximity to an off-leash dog park does for me! 

There are many other neighbourhoods that offer “super stairs” to get your burn on, or just climb once in a while for the view. These sets of stairs, which were originally built as

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Would you like to know the sale price of a particular Calgary listing? 

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